Inspection for real estate and peace of mind

All inspections include:

  • An inspection review and report

  • Pictures of the system components and any problems found

  • An official document with all details required by your real estate proceedings and your municipality

    • This formal assessment document will include an adjusted site plan, pictures and recommendations  

Inspections may include looking for:

  • Signs of cracking/damage to septic and other tanks

  • Pump and floats functioning properly

  • Required filters in place, functional and clean

  • Charcoal odour filters functional

  • Secondary treatment system functional and effective

  • Tertiary system components (UV, chlorination) are functional and effective

  • Seals around tank openings and pipework functional

  • Distribution valves checked to ensure proper function

  • Ensure adjustments to distribution system are possible and properly balanced patterns are achievable

  • Camera inspection of supply pipes

  • Camera field lines for condition, and plugging

  • Historical assessment of codes and practices

  • Wastewater and water supply testing available