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All wastewater (septic) systems need to be maintained.

In fact, septic systems installed since May 31, 2005 legally require regular maintenance performed by an authorized person (ROWP in BC, COWP in AB, or Engineer). Most maintenance should be scheduled yearly.

What you put down the drain matters; for a list of things you should not flush please visit this document. Here are some septic-friendly cleaners you can make easily.

All maintenance includes:

  • A maintenance review and report

  • Pictures of the system components and any problems found

  • An official document with all details required by your municipality

Maintenance may include:

  • Assess overall system health

  • Check pump(s), floats, alarm(s)

  • Service/clean effluent and any other filters

  • Assess system health through inspection ports

  • Assess secondary and tertiary treatment systems

  • Flush lateral field

  • Check valves and seals for septic tank

  • Check valves and seals for laterals to ensure proper function

  • Sampling of treated wastewater to ensure proper treatment

  • Measure and adjust volume of effluent distributed

  • Review dosing program and adjust if necessary

  • Any other activity required by your municipality or provincial standards of safety to continue to meet certification guidelines

  • Wastewater and soil testing is available

Please contact me for more detail on your specific system.