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septic system servicing


Protect your investment; protect your environment.

From the West Coast
to the East Kootenays

(403) 331-7173

Offering payment plans for scheduled servicing programs - visit 'Payments' page

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Servicing programs are available for septic tanks, advanced treatment/filtration centres, and distribution field systems.

Specializing in annual servicing on systems installed since 2005, and in servicing advanced and community treatment systems.

Serving the Islands since 2011.

All wastewater (septic) systems need to be maintained.

Septic systems installed since May 31, 2005 legally require regular maintenance performed by an authorized person (ROWP, COWP, or Engineer). Most maintenance should be scheduled yearly.

All servicing appointments include:

  • Service review and report

  • Overview of the system components

  • Recommendations to rectify any problems found

Servicing activities may include:

  • Determination of septic tank pump-out timing

  • Checking pump(s), floats, alarm(s) for proper function

  • Servicing/cleaning effluent and any other filters

  • Assessing and maintaining secondary and tertiary treatment components

  • Flushing lateral field

  • Checking valves and seals for all components

  • Sampling of treated wastewater to ensure proper treatment

  • Reviewing programming and adjust if necessary

  • Any other activity required by your municipality or provincial standards of safety to continue to meet certification guidelines

Please contact me for more detail on your specific system.

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